NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Dwight Howard honors Kobe Bryant but Aaron Gordon got screwed

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NBA Slam Dunk contest
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Aaron Gordon won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Meet the new millennium’s, Dominique Wilkins! 

Aaron Gordon has the most perfect 50 dunks in the contest’s history. He collected enough 50’s in this contest alone, he could have his nickname changed to “50” and the rapper 50 Cent wouldn’t have a beef with it.

Aaron Gordon owned the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Here’s his best dunk of the night. Guess what, it was scored a 50.

Now we need to talk about the last dunk. The dunk, then the score and the conspiracy theory.

First the dunk:

To really grasp the concept here, one has to understand how crazy Aaron Gordon is to even THINK about attempting this type of dunk. First, you see Tacko Fall in the crowd. No big deal right? Both Derrick Jones Jr. and Gordon have been jumping over people all night.

Only one thing. Tacko is 7’5. Okay, let’s go get him. That alone is worth 40 points. Then you have to convince Tacko to even help out. Even he thought Gordon couldn’t complete that type of dunk. It’s not like he’s around to help Gordon after practice to prepare.

Then you have to look at how difficult this will be. Jump, then take the ball from a tall man’s neck, get over the neck and complete the dunk. That alone should be another five points. Then the impossible, never seen dunk happened.

After believing the contest was over and the dunk was a 50. Most thought the trophy presentation is in effect. The man dunked over the tallest player in the NBA on the first try.

This is the NBA. Anything can and will happen.

Aaron Gordon got a 47. Plus, he lost the contest. Let that sink in.

This wasn’t 2000 when Steve Francis showed out and lost to Vince Carter. Vinsanity is probably still in the NBA partially because of that night. Even the 1988 slam dunk was possibly rigged but at least Jordan was Jordan at that point.

This was different. It was rumored that the judges were supposed to leave the contest as a tie. Only Dwyane Wade‘s nine left Gordon shy one point. The GIFs and memes about Wade’s affiliation with the Miami Heat were flying all over the internet and social media.