Lakers Rumors: Team was interested in Reggie Jackson

(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /

Recent Lakers rumors are that they expressed an interest in Reggie Jackson prior to him committing to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Despite the NBA Trade Deadline passing, there have still been Lakers rumors about who they might pursue in the buyout market.

So far, things have been quiet for the Lakers. Despite some good players becoming available over the past few weeks, the Lakers haven’t been able to land any of them. Even though the Lakers are a title contender and have the allure of Los Angeles, they haven’t made any changes.

Recently, Reggie Jackson and the Detroit Pistons agreed to a buyout.

Jackson appeared like he would be a great option for the Lakers. The Lakers have been seeking a playmaking point guard to add to the team, and Jackson would have filled that need. However, instead he will be joining the Clippers.

In a report from ESPN, it seems as if Jackson was dead set on joining the Clippers right from the start.

"Jackson had become the highest-impact player available in the buyout marketplace. Several contenders had interest in him, but his focus had been on the Clippers in the event he was able to secure a contract buyout, league sources said."

Jackson choosing the Clippers continues this arms race going on between the Clippers and the Lakers. The Clippers have been able to land now Jackson and Marcus Morris, who are two players that would have helped the Lakers.

Due to all of the depth for the Clippers, neither player really moves the needle for them all that much. However, keeping them away from the Lakers, who both players could have helped, is a win for the Clippers.

Since the Lakers do still have the best record in the Western Conference, not adding anyone obviously doesn’t kill them. However, the Clippers are clearly trying to add players and block them from the Lakers with their eyes set on a potential playoff matchup.

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The Lakers do still have time to make roster moves if they find a player they deem fit. However, the options are getting somewhat thin now.