Los Angeles Lakers: Player grades through All-Star break

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4. Danny Green

Danny Green was another name of the many brought in by the Lakers in the offseason shakeup. He has always graded out as one the best analytical players on both ends in basketball. Advanced stats consistently have him as the best two-way guard in basketball in terms of effects on team play.

So when the Lakers struck out on Kawhi Leonard they turned to giving Green a two-year, $30 million deal. That helped keep him away from the Dallas Mavericks and the Lakers got a two-time champion with a lot of experience. One that knows how to play both ways.

Green’s lines have all dipped this season, as his shooting line across the board of 42.2/37.8/72.7 are all below his career average. His win shares are also middle of the pack for his career as well as BPM. They’re still in the positive but have taken a slight hit.

He does still have a +8.7 net rating and grades out positive on offense and defense. Some of the numbers he’s put up in the past were insane so it’s hard to hit those numbers again. He had a +13.4 net rating for the Raptors last season, which is above an elite level.

For what he has provided the Lakers, he is still above average from 3-pointer. He can’t create his own shot but he does space the floor. He championship pedigree and hard-nosed defense will be important in the playoffs.

He’s a glue guy, not the most talented but very hard to replace. His minutes will be around 30 per night in the playoffs. He has another level that he can kick up too as well.

For $15 million he needs to provide more for this team. So he has the ability to earn a higher grade by capturing that late-season he had in Toronto last year to help earn that contract he received.

Keeping him away from Dallas worked well at least.


Grade: B-