Los Angeles Lakers: Player grades through All-Star break

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8. Avery Bradley

Avery Bradley was another name that was brought in over the summer. He was signed to provide the team with a two-way player. Bradley, although it’s dipped over the years, has been a very good defender in his career.

Bradley has also been known as a 3-point shooter as he has shot 36.5 percent from there in his career. So the Lakers were hoping to get him back to his former self in a new environment.

The results have been mixed as he has had injuries plague him for a part of the season again. He also is putting up a negative BPM and stats show he is struggling on both ends. But his TS% and eFG% are both some of the highest of his career.

So he has had some positives mixed in with negatives. But he has been better since coming back from injury. Which has led to him playing in only 39 games this season.

Bradley is an experienced player and one that will be counted on in the playoffs. He is shooting 37 percent on the season on 3-pointers, which is why guys like Cook and Daniels have been phased out. The Lakers have enough spacing, they now need guys that can create.

He is also one of the hardest workers on both ends. He will fight through screens on defense or pick up full court. He plays his role well and will space the floor on offense when the sets become halfcourt late in the season.

There is room for growth down the stretch and he will be one that is monitored closely.

Grade: B-