Lakers Rumors: The Lakers need to do the right thing and sign J.R. Smith

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) - Los Angeles Lakers
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) - Los Angeles Lakers /
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The Lakers rumors that always gets overlooked. The team will sign him for 3 months, not 3 years!

Think back to when Lakers fans were dead set against bringing Dwight Howard in after DeMarcus Cousins got hurt. Like J.R., he hadn’t played any meaningful NBA basketball thanks to his back surgery limiting him to nine games last season. Well that seemed to work out.

The Lakers’ front office needs to roll the dice again and sign this guy. But he is a risk, noted. So this is what you can do. Notice the man’s tendencies.

J.R. Smith seems to play well when he knows his career is at a crossroads. No one outside of the Lakers is even willing to give him a tryout does fit the description. J.R. Smith does have a tendency to play himself out of franchises. He even spent time playing in China. After missing the good life then, he got with the Knicks, and for a few weeks teamed with Carmelo Anthony as the NBA’s hottest duo.

If the Lakers handed Smith a contract, think about how cheap it would be. It’s not like they are handing out a $1.75 million deal they gave Markieff Morris. With J.R.’s history? Please.

This is how the Los Angeles Lakers should really handle this situation. It’s not like Lake Show Life hasn’t done this before. Admittedly, we do things creative.

First, the Lakers would bring LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Rich Paul in for a meeting. Then listen to what Smith says about what he can bring to the Lakers. He will sound very polite and he will be humble. That’s when you look at LeBron to see if J.R. is lying.

Then the Lakers should hand him a contract at the prorated minimum with no promises. Make it clear that he has to work his way into the rotation. Then take him to the practice facility and introduce him to Jared Dudley. Then tell Jared to show him where he will be sitting during the games. He has to win over his coaches, teammates and LeBron.

Now let’s say it doesn’t work. Don’t worry it will.

J.R. Smith needs to be in a winning culture to be effective. When there is dysfunction, he wants out. Simple. Are the Los Angeles Lakers in a state of dysfunction? No. They are in first place in the Western Conference. J.R. will play nice. If the Lakers pay attention to J.R.’s expiration date of around say July 1st, 2020, they can get some use without long-term damaging effects.

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Lake Show Life was right about Dwight Howard and we’re right here. To the Los Angeles Lakers front office, hear our pleas. Sign J.R. Smith.