Lake Show Life’s invitation to Spike Lee to be a Los Angeles Lakers fan

(Photo by Richard Harbaugh - Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images)
(Photo by Richard Harbaugh - Handout/A.M.P.A.S. via Getty Images) /
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Spike Lee, Los Angeles Lakers
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Dr. Jerry Buss wanted the Lakers games to be an experience. Think about how many stars Spike Lee can hang out with!

To Spike Lee: A wonderful arena to be around your peers watching good basketball with two superstars! 

If the Los Angeles Lakers know anything about running a basketball team, they know that Hollywood and the team go hand in hand.

They have combined the world’s most famous team right now with the hottest actors and producers in the front row in plain view to watch the game. Just like they do in New York. Just take a look at the list here of a small group that came out for the late great Lakers icon Kobe Bryant when he played his last game.

Oh, there are other superstars that you know. How about Snoop Dogg? Trust me, Spike, there are plenty of Lakers’ casuals out there. Lake Show Life realizes you need to be around die-hard fans that knows the game as well as you do. We can hook you up next to Snoop.

After a while maybe you can call a game or two. Snoop has already shown his expertise against the San Antonio Spurs.

There’s plenty of other Hollywood stars that you can hang out with. Jack Nicholson has been a Lakers superfan longer than you’ve been a Knicks fan. He understands the struggles. He can help you adjust.

Dyan Cannon is a huge fan. She has been with the Lakers since the Lakers played in the fabulous Forum way back in the 80’s (Sorry Ms. Cannon. You still look great!) and can help you adjust.

How about Denzel Washington? He even met with the Los Angeles Lakers for an inspirational speech last year. All of those movies that you two have collaborated on over the years? Time to talk about another one over some Lakers basketball.

There was a New York Knicks fan and employee that saw the dysfunction package early. Lake Show Life kidded him a little, but we were wrong. He was right.