Los Angeles Lakers: 4 lessons from win over LA Clippers

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Avery Bradley was balling. His 3-point shooting was just as important as the superstars producing!

Let’s go back to last year for a second. Remember, the Los Angeles Clippers basically gave Avery Bradley away to the Memphis Grizzlies for a box of Newports and Puma sweats?

This year, Bradley came to camp in great shape, became the best wing defender and passed out a few business cards to his old teammates starting with Patrick Beverley.

He and AD got things started on defense giving Beverley and Lou Williams fits bringing the ball up the floor. As you can see in the video, Beverley got stripped butt naked in the middle of the floor and scored on top of him on the other end of the floor. This play started a debate between Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Steve Javie that rivals discussions in the comment section.

Bradley was called for a technical foul for taunting (Unless he said a word that can’t be speculated here, what game was the ref watching?). Violation aside, the message was sent. Patrick Beverley was going to have a long day. He did.

Avery Bradley also showed up as a scorer putting up a season-high 24 points. Check out the offensive play he initiated here.

He plays the pick and roll to perfection as he gets to the key, hits LeBron with a lob, who continues the play video game style to AD. It reminds you of the NBA Street game on Playstation.

Lake Show Life does not believe in this constant “Third scorer” narrative the media keeps putting out to freak out fans. It’s not about three players putting up numbers. It’s about a rotation of players producing when called on. If it’s Avery’s night, it’s Avery’s night. If KCP has it going, give him the ball.

Avery Bradley was playing this well earlier this season. When he had that stress reaction against the San Antonio Spurs, he had a setback. Now he looks like he has his rhythm back along with confidence in his legs.