Los Angeles Lakers: The All-Time “Tom Brady” team

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Dennis Rodman’s old number was 73. We could stop there. But Lake Show Life is thorough!

The Los Angeles Lakers were going through a lot during the lockout season back in 98-99. All the team had to do was hang on about a half a season before Phil Jackson would come to provide the championship zen needed to get the team over the top. With that in mind, maybe it would have been smart to wait on bringing in Dennis Rodman.

After the Chicago Bulls blew up the dynasty (Still wondering what that franchise was thinking!) Rodman was one of the casualties being released in January of 1999. Soon after the Lakers signed him for the rest of the season.

While Karl Malone tried to diffuse the Kobe/Shaq feud, Dennis Rodman went the other route. CBS Sports‘ James Herbert highlights Rodman’s frustrations.

"“So I start playing, right, we won 10 games in a row,” Rodman said. “Ten games in a row when I got there, right? I said, ‘Jerry, I gotta take a break.’ One reason: Shaq and Kobe. I couldn’t deal with those [expletives]. I’m not going to lie to you: I couldn’t deal with them. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m not used to this,’ right? I’m used to winning, but I can’t deal with these [expletives expletive-ing] every [expletive] game. Like, [expletive]. I mean, every, I’m like, [expletive], we’re winning, what? So I go and I say … ‘I’m so used to having calm and serenity and stuff like that.’”"

To think that Dennis Rodman needs serenity. Wow.

To think Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone actually was in a wrestling match back in 1998.

But Dennis was a part of history with the future of the Los Angeles Lakers on March 10, 1999.

  1. Dennis Rodman got tossed from a game against the Clippers from the Lakers bench.
  2. After the game, the Lakers traded Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell to the Charlotte Hornets for Glen Rice and J.R. Reid.
  3. The trade basically paved the way for the Kobe Bryant era at the shooting guard that would last about 18 years.

Soon afterward, Dennis Rodman was released after numerous absences, suspensions and fines.