Los Angeles Lakers: 5 players who may not be back for 2020-21 season

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3. Danny Green

The inclusion of Danny Green on this list may surprise some Los Angeles Lakers fans. However, his inclusion isn’t for anything he did, but instead, what the Lakers may try to do.

Green was the Lakers’ biggest free agent signing in 2019. The team waited out Kawhi Leonard, but he ultimately agreed to a deal with the LA Clippers. Green was part of their Plan B, which turned out to be a solid plan.

While Green hasn’t been as lights out this season with the Lakers as in years past, the team knows what they have in Green. But, it is not his performance that lands him on this list. It is his contract.

If the Lakers want to upgrade their roster via trade, Green could be used to help match contracts. When the team was engaged in trade talks prior to the deadline in February, Green’s name was floated in rumors to make numbers match, but ultimately, they decided to not pull the trigger on any deals.

When the offseason rolls around, whenever that occurs, the Lakers could once again engage in trade talks and once again, Green could be involved in those talks. Rob Pelinka has shown that if he feels a move will upgrade the team, he will do it. At this point, LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the only safe players on the roster.