Los Angeles Lakers: 4 Reasons why Jamal Crawford should be signed!

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Jamal Crawford provides the important intangibles for the Los Angeles Lakers!

In closing here, Jamal Crawford may get a final shot in the NBA this season for a title contender. Throughout this article, you can see the respect that he has from around the NBA.

Need one more? How about Jalen Rose. who spoke on his behalf of the ESPN’s NBA Countdown show (Side note: Don’t you just miss that show?).


Understand that this comment was made about 10 days before the NBA was suspended. Former NBA players are all speaking out on respect here.

Let’s forget what he brings on the floor. Now let’s talk off the floor. Crawford will fit it just nicely in the locker room. How well? Crawford won the 2018 Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year.

This award is voted by a player’s peers. This guy is great for any NBA locker room. The Lakers could use a teammate with his unique talent. Plus, he will not demand minutes. If he could sit the bench last year for a bad Phoenix team, the Lakers bench is a five-star vacation.

NBA fans just don’t realize how difficult it is to sit the bench and stay ready. Think of it this way. Think about what Jared Dudley is doing but with these types of offensive skills.

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How many free agents as of this writing can bring to the Lakers what Crawford can at the pro-rated league minimum? Think about it, the NBA will have ten games in the regular season tops if they come back. Crawford could be had for virtually nothing.