Lakers news: Alex Caruso reveals if he made it into Space Jam 2

Alex Caruso (Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images)
Alex Caruso (Photo by Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images) /

Lakers guard Alex Caruso reveals whether or not he made it into Space Jam 2

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is following the path of Michael Jordan to a T when it comes to the show business game. James spent last summer filming Space Jam 2 with Warner Bros. and the film is set to release in July of 2021.

Like the original Space Jam that featured Jordan, it’s likely to feature plenty of other NBA stars, with James taking the lead role.

Of course, everyone is wondering one big thing… Is Alex Caruso in Space Jam 2?

Alex Caruso joined Zach Lowe on The Lowe Post during the NBA’s hiatus to discuss.

Alex Caruso reveals if LeBron James had him join him in Space Jam 2

Alex Caruso and Zach Lowe went over a bunch of topics in his appearance in the most recent Lowe Post episode. From his unlikely rise and his unconventional look as a professional basketball player, to what books and TV shows the two are obsessed with.

Of course, Lowe had to ask him, is he in the new Space Jam? Caruso revealed the answer:

"“No, unfortunately, there will not be an AC Fresh cameo in Space Jam 2. Maybe if it was a couple years from now I would have got the call,” Caruso told Lowe."

Seriously, is this movie even worth seeing with out an AC4 cameo? I mean, it would have been great to include the guy who worked his way up from a two-way slot to the NBA roster.

In seriousness, it’s not a huge surprise that Caruso didn’t get tabbed for the film. James, being at the top of the NBA can pick basically anyone to come film with him. Players like Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis are rumored to have been in the movie. It was the cream of the crop when it came to NBA player cameos.

Caruso and James are now good friends, and Caruso’s rise to fame actually could make for quite the film on its own. Caruso was on two-way contracts from 2017-2019 with the Lakers, signing a two-year, $5.5 million deal with the Lakers last summer. He worked up the ranks and did exactly what the NBA hopes the two-way slots will allow players to do — prove themselves.

Caruso is never going to be a team leader or volume scorer, but he locks down on defense, makes solid passes, and does the dirty work. All around he’s a net-positive for the Lakers, impressive given that they’re arguably the best team in the league.

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