Los Angeles Lakers: Lakers players and their Disney equivalents

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Los Angeles Lakers
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LeBron James: Mufasa

LeBron James has been known as King James for nearly two decades. Mufasa was the long-reigning veteran king of the Pride Lands in Disney’s epic movie “The Lion King”. Being a king in the Pride Lands isn’t easy as it amounts from immense pressure and a lifetime of expectation as we saw with Mufasa’s son Simba.

LeBron James is the reigning king of the NBA with pundits constantly discussing who will take his, “throne”. LeBron also grew up with the expectations a future king grows up with being touted as the most hyped draft pick in NBA history.

Before he graduated high school, LeBron James was already on the cover of Sports Illustrated, referred to as, “The Chosen One”, and was expected to end Cleveland’s decades-long championship drought all before his eighteenth birthday.

However, just like Mufasa was a great king with high expectations, LeBron rose to the challenge and after tumultuous times where he even left Cleveland and his jerseys burned, LeBron rose to the challenge and delivered Cleveland their championship in his 13th season fulfilling his prophecy in 2016.

However, Mufasa had his brother Scar trying to take his throne throughout his reign as he aged, while LeBron is raging against father time in his 17th season doing everything he can to prevent the younger stars from taking his throne.

Mufasa may have met an untimely end, but this is not a movie. Like Mufasa, LeBron has strong qualities of leadership so let’s hope King James continues his reign helping the Lakers earn their 17th championship this year.