Los Angeles Lakers: Lakers players and their Disney equivalents

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(Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers
(Photo by Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers /

Anthony Davis: Simba

Simba was Mufasa’s heir to the throne and ever since Anthony Davis requested a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers to partner up with King James, he has taken the pressure and glory of being the heir to the throne for this edition of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Simba had an immense belief in himself and untamed leadership that was always brewing inside him as he convinced his friend, and future queen, Nala, that going into an elephant graveyard with hyenas was a good idea, and also made it on his own to find Timon and Pumba after leaving the Pride Lands as a cub following Mufasa’s death.

Anthony Davis is one of the most talented players in NBA history as he essentially has the skill set of Kobe Bryant in the body of Tim Duncan.

Davis is nearly seven feet tall and can hit step-back threes, dribble around defenders with the speed of players a foot shorter than him and is the rare player that can grab a rebound, run the ball down the floor and score or pass any way he would like. Davis has potential to become the NBA’s best player and now he joined its greatest franchise in hopes of reaching that potential.

Simba became King of the Pride Lands after Mufasa and had a difficult journey, just like Davis being a top NBA talent on a team that was going nowhere. The time is now for Davis to show his potential in meaningful playoff games and grab that elusive championship to cement his place in becoming the NBA’s next king.