Los Angeles Lakers: Lakers players and their Disney equivalents

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Los Angeles Lakers
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Kyle Kuzma: Aladdin

Aladdin had a difficult life as a young man with only the companionship of his monkey Abu constantly hustling and grinding just to get by. However, inside of him, he had the makings of not just a prince, but someone who could tame a magic carpet, make friends with a genie and marry a princess.

Aladdin began the movie as a young diamond in the rough needing to be shaped and that is exactly where Kyle Kuzma is at in his career after overcoming insurmountable odds.

Kuz grew up in Flint, Michigan being raised by his mother, having only met his real father once during childhood. Aladdin needed to steal to get by, while Kuzma watched the gangs in the street and faced temptation, but never gave in as basketball kept him on the right path as an escape from the streets.

Simba became king by the end of his story, whereas Aladdin was looking to become a prince. Kuzma is two years younger than Davis but is well on his way to becoming a true superstar in this league as he has clearly proven to be a diamond in the rough already taking shape.