Los Angeles Lakers: 3 free agents to replace Rajon Rondo if he leaves

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Rajon Rondo might be on his way out of the Los Angeles Lakers after the NBA Playoffs.

Rajon Rondo played his first game with the Los Angeles Lakers in six months on Friday night in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Houston Rockets. It was a disaster.

Laker fans were reminded why Rondo was the most critiqued player throughout the entire regular season on Friday as he came back and did very poorly. What made it worse is the fact that Frank Vogel played Rondo 25 minutes while only playing Alex Caruso 16 minutes.

Caruso was in foul trouble, we will give Vogel the benefit of the doubt there, but Caruso was the main reason why the Lakers were able to harbor the guard attack of the Portland Trail Blazers. Any minutes that Rondo takes from Caruso is a terrible mistake — a mistake we warned our readers about before Rondo returned.

Luckily, the Lakers can dump Rondo after this season. He has a player option for the 2021 season but there will be some team out there willing to give up a second-round pick in five years for the veteran service of Rondo. It will happen.

We have dedicated the weekends here at Lake Show Life to offseason talks, as while the playoffs are underway, the offseason is right around the corner and it will be rapid-fire. Here are three free agents that could replace Rondo in the rotation and be a much better fit than the former Celtic.