LeBron James saved the Los Angeles Lakers from the dark days

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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The Los Angeles Lakers are NBA Champions because of LeBron James.

Before the summer of 2018, a lot was made about the recent striking out on free agents by the Los Angeles Lakers. Many believed the draw that made LA a desirable destination was long gone and now players want to play wherever they believe will bring them a title.

So when LeBron James chose to sign with the Lakers on July, 1, 2018, He immediately changed the narrative. Everything about the Lakers seemed to be out of sorts from family feuding over ownership, to teammates arguing over snitching, and it felt like the Lakers were set to be a dysfunctional franchise for another 5 years.

Instead, the Lakers signed the best player in basketball and now are set for the foreseeable future.

LeBron made a promise to Jeanie and Magic that he would bring the Lakers back to the top of the mountain. A lofty goal for a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs in over 6 years and that streak continued with LeBron suffering his first major injury after dragging the Lakers to a 4th seed going into Christmas day.

That night kind of solidified to many that the Lakers were so cursed that not even LeBron James, “Mr. Availability,” could handle the ineptitude. The Lakers went on to miss the playoffs and Magic had that famous quote stating, “He wasn’t going to be here next year.”

Media members and TV personalities believed LeBron would just focus more on his off-court businesses and transition into a personality. Instead, LeBron kept quiet and approved the hiring of Frank Vogel and then helped orchestrate the Anthony Davis trade.

James bought in from day one and allowed others to hold him accountable for his lackluster defense and also committed to being the team’s point guard.

Now as the Lakers claim their third straight title to start a new decade it’s only one person who deserves the most credit. You can not like LeBron and believe the media adores him more than any other player but you cannot deny what transpired in his first two years as a Laker.

LeBron came to LA by himself with everything going on and still had the power and influence to change the course of this franchise.

Next. Like it or not, LeBron will get hit jersey retired. dark

With that I say, LONG LIVE THE KING !