Lakers: 5 Lessons learned from the Dennis Schroder-Danny Green trade

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Danny Green
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Rajon Rondo will be shown the door. There is no way these two can be on the same roster! 

Before Danny Green drew the ire of Lakers Nation during the playoffs, it was Rajon Rondo that drew the toxicity of fans everywhere. Let’s take out the three-week journey in the Playoff Rondo throwback machine in the playoffs.

Let’s talk about how bad he was in the regular season. How bad was he? Lake Show Life went on record stating that if he averaged 20 minutes or more in the playoffs, the Lakers would not sniff the NBA title.

But after returning to the lineup after suffering a broken thumb, he brought savvy on both ends of the floor and a very reliable 3 point shot for the left wing that no playoff opponent had an answer for. Couple that with a dominant 19 point performance in the closeout game of the Finals, Rondo is due to make much more than the $2.7 million the Lakers gave him last year.

His alleged suitors include these teams.

  • Los Angeles Clippers: For some reason, Kendrick Perkins has him moving across the hall.
  • Atlanta Hawks: This is a good destination considering Trae Young could use a mentor going forward.
  • Boston Celtics: PFFT…Did Danny Ainge die? Ignore this one.
  • Philadelphia 76ers: Because every NBA player it seems is attached to the Sixers. Daryl Morey got hired remember? 

The Dennis Schroder trade makes the Rondo transition a whole lot easier. Take a listen to Chris Broussard’s opinion on the subject.

At no fault of Rondo (Get that money man!), he is going to look for that last big payday. He resurrected his “Playoff Rondo” schtick enough to get the $9-10 million salary that he is looking for. Will he get it? More than likely, but not from the Lakers.

There is just no way they can cough up that amount of money for a point guard that waits for the playoffs to care about playing on both sides of the floor.

Playoff Rondo might not be the only player that could be shown the door. Read lesson two to see who might be disappearing from the roster possibly on draft night!