Los Angeles Lakers: 4 most surprising moves this offseason

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3. Anthony Davis re-signs with the Lakers on a five-year contract

The fact that Anthony Davis re-signed with the Los Angeles Lakers is definitely not a shock. The surprising part was that the top free agent of the offseason decided to commit long term.

Most around the league believed that Davis would sign a shorter contract for a variety of reasons. One of his more likely options was to sign a three year deal with a player option in the third year. By opting out after two years, Anthony Davis would have been able to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers for a much larger maximum contract because of his ten years in the league.

One other option that was gaining momentum over the last couple of weeks was Davis re-signing on a two year contract with a player option in the second year.

Rumors in the media had it that Davis was waiting to see if Giannis Antetokounmpo would sign his super-max extension. If Giannis were to bypass the supermax, Davis could then opt out next offseason to help create enough cap space to sign Antetokounmpo as a free agent.

Instead, Anthony Davis decided to take the sure thing in a maximum five-year deal, protecting him from the risk of injury hampering his future earnings. After the league saw both Demarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas lose out on millions of dollars due to injury, Davis wanted to be sure not to risk a similar situation.