Los Angeles Lakers gave the Houston Rockets a problem in blowout!

The Los Angeles Lakers won their second straight game on the road against Houston!

The Los Angeles Lakers got back on the road to Houston to play the first of a two game set with the Rockets. A lot of fouls, two ejections and complaints from both ends about the fouls made it an ugly display of basketball. In the end, the message from Anthony Davis about defense was well received as the Los Angeles Lakers rolled over the Houston Rockets.

If “The Chappelle Show” was still on the air, Christian Wood would definitely be on the next segment of…”When keeping it real…GOES WRONG!”.

Christian Wood wanted all of the smoke from Anthony Davis on Sunday, and he got all of the smoke from Anthony Davis. Now he joins Gary Trent Jr. and Dillon Brooks as lesser players that challenged Los Angeles Lakers superstars and got embarrassed as a result.

Lake Show Life believes this game was over at this point a few days ago.

In the Los Angeles Lakers’ 120-102 win over the Houston Rockets on Sunday, the Lakers defense was all over the Rockets. It’s hard to say how good they were because Houston rolled over and played dead pretty much after DeMarcus Cousins was ejected.

The Good:

Anthony Davis was already in a foul mood for the lack of intensity on defense calling it for a lack of a better term “s—“. Then Christian Wood gave AD the perfect target to take out his frustrations.

From now on, Wood will circle those games for injury or sick leave. Anthony Davis scored his first nine baskets on his way to 27 points. Wood was in foul trouble before the National Anthem was done and he looked very weak on the blocks.

Bottom line, AD abused and destroyed Christian Wood in this game. Why unestablished players keep mouthing in LeBron and Anthony Davis’ direction is a mystery. Stop pulling on Superman’s cape.

The defense was much improved over the couple of weeks. Of course the Rockets were so bad that it can’t be really gauged, but Alex Caruso, AD and especially Talen Horton-Tucker led a blanket party on the Rockets especially James Harden (7 turnovers!). Then when they got the ball, they scored immediately.

The Bad:

The Houston Rockets. Lake Show Life saw the beginning of the end when the Lakers knocked them out of the playoffs in the bubble. There’s even a list of predictions of what would happen inside the franchise (Every one of them has happened except for James Harden being traded but stay tuned!) on page four.

But this team is dysfunctional. Whatever the Rockets brass is trying to do to make a playoff run is not working.

  • James Harden is doing just enough to get by.
  • Eric Gordon got bullied into a broom closet by Alex Caruso and Talen Horton Tucker.
  • Boogie Cousins got tossed after one quarter.
  • The entire Rockets team and announcers spent the night crying about calls.
  • Well at least Christian Wood learned a lesson about putting up bulletin board material.

The social media hate on LeBron James really needs to stop. DeMarcus Cousins was ejected a for this foul on LeBron James.

There were people that actually thought the flagrant call was wrong including former Houston Rockets guard, Vernon Maxwell.

If you breathe on LeBron you are getting a flagrant.

Beyond the obvious rule of contact to LeBron’s head which automatically will get you a flagrant one foul (It was actually called a flagrant two for an assumed windup!) and an immediate technical, did anyone forget this incident that happened a few minutes before?

Boogie nearly got tossed here scuffling with Markieff Morris trying to defend his teammate after Keef put an elbow Jae’Sean Tate’s throat. Look LeBron tends to cry (A lot!), but besides Mad Max, who else is willing to take a shot from DeMarcus Cousins? We’ll wait.

The Story:

For the first time in a couple of weeks, the Los Angeles Lakers came out focused to start the game. They didn’t play down to their competition. Sure the Rockets made a run in the third quarter but this is the NBA, everybody makes a run.

Frank Vogel and his staff used a bad NBA team the right way. Work on the defensive rotations and use it as a scrimmage which is what the Houston Rockets basically did in this game. The Lakers play Houston again Tuesday. Maybe it will be more entertaining.

Lake Show Life’s more in-depth breakdowns will come in Lake Show Life Lessons tomorrow. Keep it locked for the only Los Angeles Lakers post-game report with highlights and in-depth analysis.