Los Angeles Lakers: 50 Greatest Players in Lakers History (Updated 2023)

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Anthony Davis Lakers
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Greatest Lakers of all time: 16- Anthony Davis

  • 4 seasons, 173 games, 1 title (Stats updated during 2023 NBA all-star break)
  • 24.5 PPG
  • 9.8 RPG
  • 2.1 blocks

AD is one of the toughest players to guard in the NBA. And, because of the difficulty comparing his short-term excellence with the longer-term (6 Lakers seasons and more) quality of others, he is also the hardest Laker to rank.

He signed an extension that should keep him with the team for at least another three seasons, probably longer, and in the years ahead his ranking should climb higher. For now, he is slotted immediately ahead of four forwards who can easily be lumped together.

Hairston, LaRusso, Pollard and Mikkelsen each contributed greatly to successful Lakers teams, although none as the biggest star. And each compiled very good but not great statistics in his 6-to-10 seasons with the club.

But Davis has had the greater impact so far in his short Lakers stint. He shined throughout his first regular season, averaging 26.1 PPG. His overall 25.1 point scoring average would rank fifth in Lakers history, just ahead of Kobe Bryant. AD rose to an even greater height in the postseason, where he averaged 27.7 points, which would tie Shaquille O’Neal for second place.

Injuries have derailed AD in his third and fourth season with the team. With a clean bill of health, he may have ranked even higher on this list as of 2023. But 16th on the most decorated franchise in the NBA still is not bad.

Like Pollard and Mikkelsen, Davis should eventually be voted into the Hall of Fame. And in time he could very well rise into the exalted air of the Lakers top 10 players.