Los Angeles Lakers: The 3 best moves that Rob Pelinka can make

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) - Los Angeles Lakers
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) - Los Angeles Lakers /
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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)  -Los Angeles Lakers
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)  -Los Angeles Lakers /

1. The Los Angeles Lakers signing Andre Drummond

Just a few weeks ago Blake Griffin became the most notable buyout player of all-time. While he is not the same Blake Griffin, very rarely do we see a former all-star and All-NBA player get bought out, especially when he was an all-star just two seasons ago.

We could see another huge buyout signing happen in the coming days as Andre Drummond is in a prime position to be bought out by the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is in the Cavaliers’ best interest to trade Drummond, but at this point, that seems extremely unlikely.

Drummond’s salary is simply too high. Not only do teams not want to take on that much money for Drummond but it makes it very hard to make a trade work in the framework of the NBA salary cap. It does not matter that it is an expiring contract, it would take the perfect fit for a trade to happen and I am not sure that perfect fit is there.

The best move that the Lakers can make is signing him if he is bought out. He is essentially a much better version of Hassan Whiteside, meaning that he would have an even bigger impact on the Lakers.

Not only would he have a bigger impact but this would result in the Lakers keeping Drummond away from the Brooklyn Nets. The one advantage the Lakers have over the Nets is their size and the Nets getting a rim protector like Drummond completely swings how the two teams would matchup in the NBA Playoffs.

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For the sake of the Lakers’ bench as well as maintaining their size advantage, particularly with Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers must sign Andre Drummond if he is bought out.