Lakers: The most expensive Anthony Davis NBA Top Shot is shocking

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NBA Top Shot is taking the sports collecting world by storm and the Los Angeles Lakers have some of the most expensive NBA Top Shots on the market. With two superstars in LeBron James and Anthony Davis it is not hard to see why.

For those that are unaware, NBA Top Shot is an online collection service, similar to sports cards, in which fans can collect moments from past NBA games. Each moment is created with blockchain (think Bitcoin) and once produced a certain number of times (depending on the moment), won’t ever be produced again.

It is a basketball card that, instead of being just for the player, is a short clip of said player performing a highlight. For example, there are 35,000 NBA Top Shots of this Montrezl Harrell dunk from January, so the lowest asking price is only $14. In comparison, there are only 79 NBA Top Shots of this Rajon Rondo assist from the NBA Finals, which significantly raises the price to $7,000 because of the rarity.

You are much more likely to get that Harrell dunk from a pack, just like you are more likely to get a standard Mike Trout baseball card from a pack than you are an autographed Mike Trout card.

So what is the most expensive Anthony Davis NBA Top Shot from his time on the Los Angeles Lakers?

There is a moment that instantly comes to mind. It is safe to assume that Anthony Davis’ buzzer-beater from the Western Conference Finals would be the most expensive moment to own, right? That was Davis’ crowning moment as a Laker and is one of the biggest shots in franchise history.

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That is not the case, again going back to the rarity factor. Los Angeles Lakers fans can own that moment and it is currently selling for a low price of $8,999.

That is a hefty price but there are still three other NBA Top Shots featuring Davis that are worth more. There were 270 NBA Top Shots backed by blockchain of the Davis buzzer-beater, which is far less than the most expensive Anthony Davis NBA Top Shot on the market.

The most expensive Anthony Davis NBA Top Shot is a dunk from New Year’s Day in 2020. It was against the Phoenix Suns in a game in which the Lakers won 117-107. The clip itself is an alley-oop from former-Laker Danny Green to Davis.

There were only 50 editions made as part of the Holo MMXX series. With only 50 in circulation, the low price is a staggering $41,000.

So if you want to get into the NBA Top Shot game and start collecting your favorite Lakers moments be sure to look at the rarity of each moment before hitting the purchase button. If you are savvy (and lucky) enough you could make quite the profit.

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Or you could just collect your favorite Los Angeles Lakers memories and be able to say that you are one of just 50 people to own the the Anthony Davis alley-oop highlight… if you have $41,000 to spend.