Lakers Rumors: Over/Under odds on KCP, Harrell and Schroder trades

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Lakers Rumors: Dennis Schroder has been offered in trade deals.

Welcome to another Lake Show Life episode of “Life comes at you fast!”. Guest-starring this week…Dennis Schroder!

It was just five days ago Adrian Wojnarowski gave some insight on the Lakers plans to make Schroder a part of their long term future on the Woj Pod…

"“The Lakers are interesting because I think the Lakers are looking a little bit down the road too at their salary structure,” “Dennis Schroder, they’ve got to pay him this offseason. It’s going to cost well over $20 million a year to keep him.” “I do think they would like to free up some of that money they owe down the line to put themselves in position to keep the guys they have there. I think that’s kind of at the center of some of their talks here around the trade deadline.”"

Since the All-Star break, Dennis Schroder has not played well. Since LeBron’s injury, his floor game overall has plummeted. Outside of the Charlotte game last week, he’s basically played his way to this situation.

So why is he in these Lakers rumors? His contract. Here’s the breakdown.

Dealing with how his contract counts against hard cap here’s the numbers.

  • Schroder’s salary is listed at $17.5 million, not $16 million. Here’s what makes him easy to move.
  • He has $2 million in incentives, $500,000 of which he might collect.
  • $1.5 million looks unlikely the way things are going.
  • The hard cap accounts for both, so dealing him opens up more financial flexibility.

Over/Under for Dennis Schroder being moved: Under.

For all of the debates surrounding this website about Schroder’s play (Boy the writer is looking like a genius now!), the Lakers gave up their rights to a first-round pick in the deal along with Danny Green. Will he command the $20 million dollars being floated around last week? No.

But the Lakers can’t keep giving away first-round picks without a long-range plan. Schroder for better or worse is part of that plan. 

In short, Schroder being moved would be a major surprise.

This concludes Lake Show Life’s last-second trade deadline special report. Are these guaranteed predictions? No. The staff knows Rob Pelinka is capable of anything and will do it in silence.

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But hopefully, this will help you with some of your anxiety. Enjoy the trade deals…from the other teams.