Los Angeles Lakers: 5 Lessons on Play-In performance against Toronto

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A Lake Show Life warning for Los Angeles Lakers fans. Get used to weak narratives of “If the Lakers can get it together” or “I wouldn’t bet against a LeBron James-led team”. The media, coaching staff, and players will be spouting it for two weeks. The Lakers now have a choice. Do they want to start the postseason on May 16th or the 18th?

Lake Show Life breaks down what else happened in Lake Show Life Lessons! The only Los Angeles Lakers extended post-game report with in-depth analysis and highlights. 

The Lake Show Life website has been on record for weeks stating that the Los Angeles Lakers were in trouble. The staff ignored the Lakers clichés (Also read…excuses!) that the media and fans use to mask the worry.

  • The Lakers will be fine when LeBron and AD get back!
  • Nobody wants to see the Los Angeles Lakers in the postseason.
  • Seeding doesn’t matter!
  • Don’t bet against LeBron James!
  • Oh the team just needs time to jell!

Okay let’s see (Checking notes…) after being embarrassed by the Western Conference’s No. 12 seed Sacramento Kings on Friday, the Lakers were outplayed by the Eastern Conference’s No. 12 seed Toronto Raptors on Sunday losing 121-114. The Lakers have now lost their last three games and six of their last seven.

Dennis Schroder missed the game after being placed in the NBA’s Health and Safety protocol with no reports of how long he will be there. But there’s no excuse, the Raptors were missing four roster players due to rest or injury.

With the playoffs just three weeks away, LeBron and the Lakers don’t look like a team building postseason momentum. According to him, it’s not the top priority.

“I think our team is predicated on health, that is the No. 1 thing for our ballclub,” LeBron said. “Our team needs to be full…. That’s going to be the biggest thing for us, more than the games we play, we need to be healthy.”

Maybe so, but the Lakers have to win games…badly.

At 36-28, the Lakers have the same record as the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers. These three teams will finish in the fifth, sixth and seventh in some order, which means one of them will be going to the play-in tournament while the other two get a week off.

Right now the Lakers are the 7th seed. If the Lakers lose to the Blazers on Friday night, they lose the season series.

To the new Los Angeles Lakers fans that are checking us out for the first time, welcome to Lake Show Life Lessons. Our extended post-game report with video analysis will cover the progress for the Los Angeles Lakers the entire season!

Over the next several pages we will provide highlights of certain players and coaches. Afterward, the comment section is loaded with knowledgeable fans adding their basketball knowledge. We usually start with the stars, but there was this Raptors player that destroyed the Lakers.

Let’s get to Lesson One to find out who!

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