Los Angeles Lakers: Power ranking the positions by draft need

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have a very interesting offseason ahead of them as there is likely going to be a lot of movement with the roster. The team we saw lose to the Phoenix Suns last week is likely not the team we will see next season.

One of the assets for the Lakers will come in the 2021 NBA Draft. The Lakers’ pick did not transfer to the New Orleans Pelicans as it was the 22nd overall pick. The team could absolutely trade it, but it might make more sense to utilize it for youth.

In doing so, the Lakers should be looking for someone that is going to make an impact right away. The Lakers are not going to find a superstar, but they could draft an experienced college player to play a role in the rotation as early as next season.

But what area of the roster do they target? There is a case to be made about all five, so we decided to rank them.

Ranking the five positions in order of Los Angeles Lakers’ draft need:

5. Power forward

Five words: LeBron James and Anthony Davis. While James is technically listed as a small forward and ends up resembling more of a point guard, his presence in the frontcourt would make it harder for a rookie power forward to make an impact.

Now, you could make the case for Anthony Davis to play small ball center opening minutes at the power forward position. But as we know, Davis prefers to play the four and his minutes at the five will continue to be minimal.

Throw in Kyle Kuzma, who could be traded but it is not a guarantee, and it is hard to see the Lakers adding a four in the 2021 NBA Draft. And if a need opens later in the year it will be easier to find a veteran stretch four than it will be to address other positions.

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