Los Angeles Lakers: Doug McDermott would give LA a legitimate sniper

Personally, I got tired of the poor three-point shooting all season long as it found its way into the playoffs and hurt the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers’ three-point threats didn’t have themselves a great season as shooters as Wesley Matthews and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope seemed to struggle all season long.

That being said, both did play some solid defense down the stretch and KCP seems to never stop hustling. I’m not going to put Ben McLemore here because he didn’t get enough playing time, especially in the playoffs.

That is where Doug McDermott would come in handy for the Los Angeles Lakers

McDermott is a very underrated player. We have seen his stock rise in these recent years that he has played for the Indiana Pacers. He can hit the three-point shot and seems to always be playing hard and hustling.

The Lakers would most likely be able to get him for a good price. McDermott had signed a three-year, $22 million contract with the Pacers three seasons ago.

The Lakers will be able to free up more money because players such as Jared Dudley, Devontae Cacock, Markieff Morris and Wesley Matthews could possibly not come back next season.

Too many times this season, the Lakers fell back on the three-point shot. At some point, this became rather erratic and their percentage at times during certain games was not good at all. Just look at their series against the Phoenix Suns.

There comes a time when you have to go out and sign a player that is needed to fill a certain void. Even though KCP is a very good player and hustler, they should get themselves someone who has a knack for a certain area. McDermott would be a good fit. He also has a lot of experience as he has played for various teams.

With the current roster that the Lakers have, they don’t look like a three-point shooting team. At least on paper. Sure, Anthony Davis is a threat from there and LeBron seems to have improved his long-range jumper but they need a sniper.

Someone that can come into the game and kill other teams from long range. McDermott is just that type of player and then some. He enjoyed his best season last year as he averaged 13.6 points per game and shot 53% from the field.