Los Angeles Lakers: 2 former LeBron James teammates to sign

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(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James is the backbone of the Los Angeles Lakers. It is extremely obvious to say, but LeBron and Anthony Davis are the only two players that really matter in LA. Surrounding them with role players is important, but those role players could be anyone.

The Lakers are going to go as far as LeBron and AD can take them and nothing is more indicative of that than their first two seasons together. The duo was exceptional in year one, winning the NBA Championship. In year two, Anthony Davis injured his groin and LeBron was not 100%. They lost in round one.

Part of the equation to maximize the two superstars is to surround them with the proper role players. That was part of the problem with this year’s team — the role players simply did not complement the stars enough. No player showcased that more than Dennis Schroder.

The Lakers are going to bring in new role players this offseason, keeping some and filtering out others. When evaluating who can maximize the stars, the Lakers could try and bring in players who are familiar with what it takes to play with LeBron.

The Los Angeles Lakers could pursue former teammates of LeBron James.

Despite playing in the league for so long, the market of players who are former teammates of LeBron James is pretty slim. There are some former Lakers, but they have their own article here at Lake Show Life.

When breaking it down, there are really only two former LeBron James teammates that make sense for LA. Let’s break them down.

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