2 former Los Angeles Lakers that Rob Pelinka could try and trade for

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(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers
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2. Lou Williams

I am not a big fan of the idea of the Los Angeles Lakers trading for another shooter who does not play much defense but that might be all the team can do at the deadline. If the Lakers don’t land a cheap defensive option then they are going to have to improve in some way and that way could be via a shooter that does not play defense, like Lou Williams.

The Atlanta Hawks are struggling this season and the team is in need of shaking things up. While Williams himself is not going to net the Hawks an impactful player in return, there is a good chance that the Hawks improve in some other way that makes Williams obsolete for this team.

The Hawks have the assets and flexibility that the Lakers don’t to land an impactful wing or perimeter player to take Williams’ minutes and produce at a higher level. Suddenly, the Hawks would be better off tightening the rotation and trading Williams for whatever assets they can get.

The Hawks did not have to trade much for Williams last season and his value this season would not be much higher. It might take a second second-round pick from the Lakers, but a package of Dwight Howard, another throwaway contract and a second (the Hawks need size on the bench) very well could be enough.

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Williams has not been great for Atlanta this season but the Lakers know that he can flip the script and even take over games with his scoring off the bench. Is he going to fix the defensive problems that the Lakers have? No. Could he be a more reliable option than some of the other current Lakers? Sure.