LeBron James tweets he is ‘out for the season’ as possible tone-deaf joke

The Los Angeles Lakers 2021-22 season has not gone to plan and the last hope for the team is a returning Anthony Davis and LeBron James, who missed two games with an ankle injury, to lead the team into the play-in and into a deep playoff run.

Most fans don’t expect a deep run to happen with how poorly the Lakers have played this season. It is safe to say that the frustration with the fanbase is at an all-time high and LeBron James does not seem to realize that as he gives his attempt at a potential April Fools Day joke.

LeBron tweeted on Friday that he was out for the season officially and that he would be back in the fall. Obviously, with today being April 1 and the nature of him tweeting it instead of it being reported, this is most likely an attempt at humor by LeBron James.


The problem is that it is not very funny.

This joke is tone-deaf by LeBron James.

While LeBron has undoubtedly been fantastic for the Los Angeles Lakers this season and that is undeniable, he still has to read the room and realize that the fans are not very happy with him or the team this season. He may have done that and simply does not care if the fans are upset, but this isn’t really the joke that Laker fans want to see.

Laker fans expect excellence and this season has been anything but that. After being spoiled with Kobe Bryant for two decades, all Laker fans ask is for the players to be hard-working and lay it all on the court. LeBron has done that for the most part, but this team has not.

Plus, would Kobe Bryant ever tweet and April Fools Day joke about his injury status when the Lakers are the 11th seed in the Western Conference vying for a chance to make the playoffs? No, he wouldn’t.

In the slight chance that this is not a joke then the season is officially over. It is likely a wrap already as it but no LeBron, even with Anthony Davis, means no play-in, which means no chance to actually make the playoffs.

The more likely outcome is that LeBron got good news about his ankle and wanted to have a laugh at the expense of Laker fans when all the fans ask is for them to just win some basketball games.