A superstar-filled 3-team trade to get Kyrie Irving on the Los Angeles Lakers

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The idea of Kyrie Irving joining the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason is now something that has real legs. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Irving and the Brooklyn Nets are at an impasse that opens the door for Irving to find a new home elsewhere. The Lakers are Knicks are expected to be the teams pursuing the All-NBA guard.

Irving leaving the Nets seemed like something that could happen and with these reports and how the NBA operates, it seems more likely than not that Irving will be donning a new uniform next season. The Lakers need to take this opportunity to not just get Irving but to also move off of Russell Westbrook.

The problem is that the Nets have zero reason to want to do a sign-and-trade to help Irving and the Lakers which results in them getting Westbrook. Los Angeles wants to trade Westbrook for a reason and Kevin Durant definitely does not want to go down that road again.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers can loop in a third team to create one of the biggest trades in NBA history.

There is another star player whose future is currently up in the air in Bradley Beal. Beal can opt-out of his contract this summer and sign a new max contract. Beal said he already made his mind up about where he wants to play next year but won’t yet reveal it. Plus, you cannot blame Washington for hesitating to sign Beal to a max contract without any success.

With that storyline also in mind, Beal could force a trade from Washington, who would want to get something for Beal rather than letting him walk for free. This creates the following trade package:

Lakers Get
Kyrie Irving
Rui Hachimura
Nets Get
Bradley Beal
Wizards Get
Russell Westbrook
Lakers 2027 first
Lakers 2028 pick swap

This would be a monumental trade that makes sense for all parties involved considering the parameters. In the following pages, we will explain why the Los Angeles Lakers would say yes to this trade as well as the Nets and Wizards.

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