Kyrie Irving shows up at Lakers coach’s camp in LA

The Los Angeles Lakers are patiently waiting for the Brooklyn Nets to trade Kevin Durant that way the team can trade for Kyrie Irving. That is the best move that the purple and gold can make this offseason and if Durant is traded, Kyrie will be right behind him.

Despite reports indicating that Irving wants to stay in Brooklyn, he has been showing up a lot in Los Angeles recently. Irving was at an LA Sparks game with the trade rumors first circulated and he was even supposed to show up and play in the Drew League… before flaking.

One thing that Kyrie Irving did show up for in Los Angeles recently was Phil Handy’s Future of Basketball if Female camp. Irving showed up to event to help demonstrate for those in attendance, with Handy utilizing him to show how to attack a defender with a wide base.

Handy has been on the Lakers coaching staff since the 2019 season and was retained by new head coach Darvin Ham. That is extremely important, especially as the team pushes to get Kyrie Irivng.

Phil Handy is likely the key to unlocking Kyrie Irving on the Lakers.

Handy is one of the most well-respected assistant coaches in the game and if the Lakers do end up pulling off an Irving trade he will likely have the most influence on Kyrie. Not just because he is a well-respected assistant but because of his past with Kyrie as well.

Handy spent time with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Ty Lue’s staff with both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. Handy was hired before LeBron came back home and quickly developed a great relationship with the young point guard.

Handy not only had a big hand in Kyrie’s development but he became someone who Kyrie could trust, which is obvious with him showing up to Handy’s camp to help demonstrate.

Irving is one of the most polarizing players in the league and the main reason why he does not have much trade value is that teams don’t know what to expect out of him. The Lakers will have those concerns as well but they will be lessened because of Handy. Having someone who Kyrie is close with on the staff is massive.

So while he reportedly might want to stay in Brooklyn, it is interesting how he keeps popping up in LA and is now working with Handy.