New Lakers statement jerseys cause a firestorm from fans on Twitter

Los Angeles Lakers fans (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Lakers fans (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Lakers have arguably the most iconic jersey in the league, as their stunning purple and gold jersey with white accents around the numbers is just about as idiot-proof a jersey concept as one could possibly create. That hasn’t stopped them from experimentation in the last few years.

While most of their alternate jerseys have generally been fine in the wake of the NBA promoting new alternates with each passing year, no team is going to come out and create winner after winner. There will be some poor jerseys, and the 2022-23 statement jersey may take the cake.

LA’s new look features more bold black piping down the sides in addition to black numbering. The lettering and accents around the numbers are both gold. This jersey isn’t going to please everyone, but that could be the exact desired response they were going for in Los Angeles.

This look is going to get fans divided, with older fans likely taking issue with LA tinkering with something that isn’t broken and younger fans claiming that this is a bit of a redux. A play for broad appeal may not have made the most well-received jersey they ever made.

The Los Angeles Lakers unveiled new jerseys.

The Lakers have generally knocked it out of the park with some of their classic-themed jerseys, especially their famous Elgin Baylor-tinged pale blue affairs. Some of their more creative numbers, especially anything with black on the front, have been very controversial.

These jerseys look very similar to an alternate jersey from LeBron James’ first season in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, that year was full of injuries to James and without an appearance in the postseason. Hopefully, the same lousy juju from that season doesn’t transfer over.

The Lakers are one of the few teams in the league with such a classic look that they should almost be exempt from all the mixing and matching that comes with the league’s new sets of annual jerseys. Forum blue and gold is hard to mess up, so stop trying new things.

These jerseys are going to be as polarizing as you can get for a Lakers set. Either you’re a fan of the black or you hate it. Personally, I could have one without the black on the sides of the jerseys, even if the front of the jerseys is passable. This is a classic case of Nike overthinking things.