3 things we want to hear from the Los Angeles Lakers on Media Day

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The Los Angeles Lakers have had an underwhelming offseason following a season full of turmoil that was capped off by missing the play-in tournament altogether.

With a limited shot at winning with an aging LeBron James, they are looking to turn this around as soon as possible to maximize their shot at a championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a mess since the 2020 NBA Finals where they defeated a heavily injured Miami Heat team in the NBA Bubble.

Following some interesting free agent acquisitions and various trades over the last few years, the roster has devolved into a weird combination of players that don’t seem to work together on the floor, this has only worsened with time.

Player drama involving a wide variety of issues including teammate relations, fit with the roster, or trade rumors have also engulfed the Lakers as they try to move forward, holding them back from their full potential as a team.

This could harm the Lakers long-term as well as short-term as they own very few of their own picks spanning nearly a decade.

Whether it be the front office or the actual roster that they put on the court, the organization is a bit of a mess at the moment.

They have done a lot of work over since their 2021 playoff loss to clean up some of their issues, including the hiring of Darvin Ham and removing some influences from the front office, but there are still plenty of issues that need to be addressed in the near future.

With NBA Media Day coming up, this may allow the Lakers to give us some updates on how they plan on moving forward with the team.

This could be their opportunity to address some of the many elephants in the room with the organization and get things straightened out and back to winning basketball games.

Let’s look at some of the key issues we want to see addressed by the Los Angeles Lakers on media day so that we can understand the direction of the team and their strategy to bring home championship number 18.

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