Big trade on the way? Latest theory from Lakers fans says so

The Los Angeles Lakers have been off to an incredibly disappointing start this season with fans just begging for relief of any kind. Lakers fans have the highest expectations of any fanbase in the sport and the team simply has not delivered the last two years.

What makes this bad start worse is the fact that the more losses the team picks up the less likely they will be to make a big trade. There is no point in trading future assets to pull off a big move if LA is going to miss the playoffs anyway. That is simply compounding the issue.

Because of the desire for competent basketball, though, fans have started to grasp at any potential trade theory that they can get their hands on. That is what happened on Tuesday, as Rob Pelinka was spotted in the airport waiting for a flight to Indianapolis.

Compounding this was the fact that Buddy Hield, who used to be represented by Pelinka and has long been in the Lakers rumor mill, sent out a very vague tweet on the same day. Lakers fans with their detective hats think that these two events are connected.

While it is fun to stir up these wild conspiracy theories that a trade might be on the way, Lakers fans are seriously reaching with this one. We hate to be the bearers of bad news here, but if you are getting your hopes up for something to happen because of this then you are going to be disappointed.

Debunking this Los Angeles Lakers trade theory for Buddy Hield:

First of all, the idea that Pelinka would fly to Indianapolis to make a trade is silly. There is a thing called telephones and the internet and he does not need to fly to go meet up and make the trade happen in person. Do fans expect him to walk into Chad Buchanan’s office and pitch him this trade Shark Tank-style?

Some fans might say that Pelinka is flying to Indiana to meet with Buddy Hield. That is not how this works, either, but okay, let’s play along. Even if that were true, the Pacers are on a road trip and won’t be back home until Saturday. C’mon now.

Pelinka is flying out to Indianapolis to do college basketball scouting. It is as simple as that. The stars may have briefly aligned for a potential Buddy Hield trade but it is just another example of fans getting ahead of themselves and getting too excited.