Patrick Beverley records more ejections than points in Lakers loss to Suns

Nov 22, 2022; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley (21) pushes Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton (22) to the court in the second half at Footprint Center. Beverley was ejected from the game. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic
Nov 22, 2022; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley (21) pushes Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton (22) to the court in the second half at Footprint Center. Beverley was ejected from the game. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic /

Well, break up the Los Angeles Lakers! The Lake Show was riding a three-game winning streak thanks to the exploits of Anthony Davis, who has systematically been destroying Lakers opponents the last three games. He came into the game averaging 35 points while topping the 15-rebound mark in each game.

However, this opponent had a skilled center in the Phoenix Suns. Despite a slow start this season, Deandre Ayton has been very efficient against the Lakers to the point that he dominated in the teams’ first-round playoff matchup two years ago.

The one thing this writer learned early writing for this site is…WATCH THE GAMES! You never know what might happen…

This was brewing for a few possessions. Deandre Ayton started talking when he did a reverse dunk on Anthony Davis. Let’s get to the timeline, shall we?

  • Austin Reaves attempts a shot over Devin Booker and gets slapped in the face…
  • Reaves falls to the ground in pain from getting poked in the eye… 
  • Ayton stood over Reaves, probably talking more noise… 
  • Pat Bev came from across the floor and straight molly-whopped Ayton, knocking him to the floor!
  • Upon further review, Patrick Beverley was ejected. Did we need to add that?

The three-game winning streak for the Los Angeles Lakers is over after losing to the Phoenix Suns 115-105. The Lakers are now 5-11 and are winless on the road this season. This team had better rectify this issue soon because many road games are coming on the horizon.

The good from the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss:

It’s time to retire Anthony Davis’ name, “Street Clothes”…

It’s actually a coincidence that this game was on TNT. It was on this network that Charles Barkley gave AD a nickname that .stuck…” Street Clothes”.

After the nickname stuck to numerous laughs, AD actually had his take on the shade…

"“I don’t care what he says,” Davis said. “People say stuff for ratings. Like, they got to push their show, push their blog, push their podcast, whatever it is. So, people got to say something to bring in viewers. It is what it is. I go out there and play basketball and let them do their job. My job is to hoop. Their job is to talk about me.”"

Look, this dude is not soft (No one is in the NBA!), and if this performance doesn’t show how much heart he has, nothing will. AD absolutely dismantled the Phoenix Suns frontline to the tune of 37 points, 21 rebounds, 5 steals, and 5 blocks.

After hurting his forearm banging into Devin Booker’s head in the first half, all of this.

Let’s talk about this free throw thing…

  • Anthony Davis: 15-16 from the charity stripe!
  • The entire Phoenix Suns franchise: 3-5…Devin Booker made three, and Bismack Byombo missed two!

Wow! Sorry this performance was wasted. Much more on that in a minute!

If it weren’t for Anthony Davis tearing up NBA teams, Lonnie Walker IV would be the talk of Los Angeles!

Man, this dude can score the basketball! He finished with 24 points. He needs to do more due to no rebounds and only two assists, but he gets a pass due to a major point shortage from other Lakers players (More on that soon!).

The bad from the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss: 

Mikal Bridges was still hot!

Ever since that Golden State game when Mikal Bridges knocked down that 3-pointer and trolled Klay Thompson when he was on the bench, this dude has been out of his mind scoring the basketball. How hot is he? If AD weren’t tearing up the league, maybe this guy would be the talk of the NBA. At any rate, the Lakers did not stop him. Everyone knew Devin Booker would give the Lakers the business, but not this guy.

Mikal Bridges finished with 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists.

Early foul trouble from Austin Reaves got Devin Booker untracked!

Sure, you may see the box score and see that Reaves was not in grave foul trouble based on the final total, but he picked up two quick fouls that hurt. Up until that point, Devin Booker had missed his first four shots of the game. After Reaves sat down, Devin hit three straight shots and didn’t look back.

Devin Booker finished with 25 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists before fouling out. These two canceled out AD’s monster performance.

Two starters CANNOT go scoreless if the Los Angeles Lakers expect to win basketball games!

Look, this writer would like to personally thank Patrick Beverley for adding spice to this post-game report. This was not the cleanest of games to watch, That being said, the staff of Lake Show Life have a job to do. Pat Bev scored the same amount of points the staff did and any reader reading this with any comprehension. Okay he had 10 rebounds and Austin Reaves should buy him dinner, but the man HAS TO SCORE!

What was worse, Troy Brown Jr. scored the same amount of points as Santa Claus did getting ready for Christmas next month. This can’t happen folks. Teams in the NBA score points. AD did his part. Lonnie Walker IV did his part and Russ grinded to the 20-point plateau.

Throw in Wenyen Gabriel and Dennis Schroder’s total of zero. Does anyone wonder why the Lakers lost?

The story from the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss:


We’ll see about the elbow.