Lakers trade rumors: Fact or fiction on 3 linked trade targets

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With less than a month away from the NBA trade deadline, Los Angeles Lakers fans are coming up with various ways that the team can improve to make a title. Los Angeles has shown legitimate potential this season and with the right additions could actually make some noise in a wide-open Western Conference.

The problem for the Lakers is that they don’t have many assets that they can trade and the market right now is extremely bloated. This could create a stagnant trade market in which the Lakers simply cannot get a deal done.

However, the team still has specific targets that they might be honing in on. Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report keeps an in-depth tracker of every potential trade target for all 30 NBA teams and has some interesting names for the Lakers.

Are these Lakers trade targets realistic?

There are three names attached to the Lakers and while the team undoubtedly has an interest in the idea of these players coming to Los Angeles, they may not be totally realistic. Thus, it is time to determine whether these targets are fact or fiction.

Can the Lakers trade for Bojan Bogdanovic?

Bojan Bogdanovic would be absolutely fantastic on the Los Angeles Lakers. He is exactly the type of scoring wing that can knock down shots that this team needs. Bogdanovic is probably the role player that would move the needle the most for the Lakers.

That being said, the price to obtain him is simply too much. It is going to take some serious draft capital to get Bogdanovic and the Lakers reportedly thought the cost of Patrick Beverley, Kendrick Nunn and a first-round pick was too high.

The team might hope that his price decreases if there is a lack of interest but that is not going to happen. Even if there is a lack of interest, he is under contract for two more years so the Pistons do not have to trade him right now.

As great as it would be, Los Angeles should rightfully pass on paying this much for a role player.


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