Superstar options the Lakers could eventually replace LeBron James with

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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LeBron James is irreplaceable. There is simply no easy way for the Los Angeles Lakers to substitute for all of the incredible things he does on the basketball court. With all due to respect to the And One streetball legend, LeBron has been an absolute basketball professor throughout his entire career. He is a wizard, a magician, a unicorn. He is a maestro.

Unfortunately, every artist must know when to put down the paintbrush. He may have stood his ground thus far in his ongoing tussle with Father Time, but he will not be able to endure the urban legend’s uppercuts forever. LeBron James is an icon, a legend that has more than etched his place in the tier of athletic elites. However, no athletic icon before him has ever come out on top in the heated haggle with the everlasting hourglass.

No Lakers fan, or NBA fan for that matter, wants to envision a league without LeBron. He has been the face of the league since the moment he was drafted, and he has admirably shouldered the responsibilities that come with such a prominent position within such a prominent platform. Haters have tried time and time again to drag him down, but he has never been phased. A wolf does not concern themselves with the opinion of sheep, especially when that wolf is a big, bad one like LBJ.

In spite of being the biggest, baddest wolf for what seems like ages, there has never been a negative headline affiliated with his name. He has not only groomed a very impressive track record as a professional basketball player, he has also built up quite the resume as a family man, an entrepreneur, and a samaritan. He may not be your favorite basketball player, but he is undeniably someone that anyone can look up to.

His legacy will always serve as a model for young basketball players to strive towards, but zooming out from his historical basketball accomplishments will capture a human being that every single man/woman can look up to in the pursuit of their respective dreams. You do not have to love the game of basketball to look up to LeBron James as a hero in your life.

With so many lives touched, there is no chance for the next in line to replicate the overall impact that LeBron has made throughout the duration of his playing career. There is also no crystal ball to inform us whether this will be his final season as an NBA player, but while we all hope for the best we should all prepare for the worst in this case.

Realistically, the worst case in our minds’ is probably the best case in LeBron’s mind. One thing about this life is that you have to do what is best for you and what makes you genuinely happy. If LeBron James is happier spending more time with his family and working on his countless business endeavors, then who are we to be unhappy with his decision if that ultimately comes to fruition? Has he not done enough for this sport already?

The Lakers need to prepare for life without LeBron James

We certainly hope to see him back in a Lakers uniform for the 2024-2025 season, but with so much uncertainty it is time to begin preparing for the next era in Lakers basketball. This may seem very premature, but there have for sure already been whispers behind closed doors within the Lakers organization pertaining to the next steps for this franchise.

As previously noted, there are no players who are going to fill the crater-sized void that will inevitably come when LeBron elects to hang up the sneakers. However, there are some guys out there that would without a doubt help bandage the bleeding born from Bron’s bon voyage.