Lakers’ midseason sharpshooter trade targets to keep an eye on

Corey Kispert, Washington Wizards (Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images)
Corey Kispert, Washington Wizards (Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images) /
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Landry Shamet shooting
Landry Shamet, Washington Wizards (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Fair-priced trade options for the Lakers:

Luke Kennard – 2023-2024 Salary: $14.7 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 49.4

The possibility of Memphis looking to part with Kennard seems very unlikely, but who knows what could happen between now and the trade deadline. If for whatever reason the two sides seek a separation, the Lakers would be wise to gauge his availability. He hits 3’s at astronomical levels.

Doug McDermott – 2023-2024 Salary: $13.7 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 41.3

Assuming the Spurs tumble in the standings in year 1 of the Wemby experience, McDermott will almost unquestionably be traded to a team in need of shooting. He has never been known for much other than his ability to can outside shots, but we all know the value placed on that trait in today’s NBA.

Gary Harris – 2023-2024 Salary: $13 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 43.1

Harris has become one of the most dependable 3&D guys in the NBA. It seems like the Magic are ready to take a leap this season, which would portray the point of them keeping him around. If things go south, expect Harris to go elsewhere.

Kelly Olynyk – 2023-2024 Salary: $12.2 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 39.4

Thanks in large part to major contributions from some of the vets like Kelly Olynyk, Utah jumped out to a highly unforeseen, scalding hot start a season ago. As reality began to set in, they quickly came back down to Earth and were eventually eliminated from playoff contention. While they have proven unpredictable, we can assume they are not in the serious playoff contenders category at this time. If that assumption defeats the test of time, contending GMs are always going to lick their chops at the opportunity to pick up a floor-spacing (quietly super skilled) bigs like Olynyk.

Alec Burks – 2023-2024 Salary: $10.5 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 41.4

The third of Detroit’s trifecta trio, Burks earns by far the least amount of money. In spite of this, his overall impact on a game may be felt a bit more than his other net-shredding accomplices.

Landry Shamet – 2023-2024 Salary: $10.2 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 37.7

The Washington Wizards should contend for the NBA’s worst record this season, given that the composition of their roster is very unimpressive. With that said, Shamet is a proven shooter who has already been traded on 4 occasions as he enters his 7th season.

Royce O’Neale – 2023-2024 Salary: $9.5 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 38.9

The Nets have a surplus of quality wings, which is never a bad thing in the modern NBA. However, if they are unable to cobble together wins then there will surely be an odd man (or men) out in their gallery of versatile forwards. Whether the season gets off to a successful season or not, O’Neale’s expiring deal will surely attract suitors.

Grayson Allen – 2023-2024 Salary: $8.9 million | 2022-2023 3 Point%: 39.9

Grayson Allen was a sneaky-good scoop for the Suns. The only problem with the pickup is that Phoenix has a starry backcourt of Devin Booker and Bradley Beal and will need to allocate minutes to guys like Josh Okogie, Damian Lee, and potentially even Keon Johnson.

With so many hungry mouths to feed on the wing, Allen could grow frustrated and seek a position offering more playing time. If that were to occur and the current Laker shooters were not sufficiently shooting, Allen and his expiring contract would make a lot of sense for Pelinka to pursue.