Comparing each current Laker to their historical Lakers clone

Magic Johnson, Bow Wow, and LeBron James (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)
Magic Johnson, Bow Wow, and LeBron James (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images) /
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There have been tons of talented ball players who have laced up their sneakers and represented the Los Angeles Lakers on the floor. In some way, shape, or form, each of those individuals has left their imprint on the overall history of the team. Whether it be for good reasons or bad, every player in this overall storied history has etched their mark in this organization’s ongoing autobiography.

There are surely some past players that many fans (whether casual or die-hard) never realized had been a part of this team. Then, there are the bigger names that even fringe fans can recall. The active Lakers are all assuredly aiming to leave their Laker legacy in the form of that second sentence.

All that established, there are definitely some former Laker players who seem to have been reincarnated on today’s team. The mystery of whether or not the current guys can recreate the same reminiscence as their predecessors will be solved in due time. For the time being, here are the present Laker players’ historical clones from the Lakers’ past.

Comparing the Lakers superstars:

LeBron James | Magic Johnson

Not only is Magic Johnson probably the closest comparison to LeBron James in terms of historical Lakers, he is probably the closest comparison to LeBron in terms of historical NBA players at large.

From a viewpoint of physical characteristics, they both stand/stood at approximately 6’9″ with the bulk to bully any innocent bystander trying to breach them from the basket. When you look at the way that the two play/played the game, you pretty much see a textbook for how the game was meant to be played. They are the top two point-forwards of all time, and there really is not anyone that comes close to them in that department.

Their ability to lead a team from the point guard position would be classified as a superpower in an alternate universe. They make/made their teammates better, and are/were never anxious about reprimanding them in order to ignite a fire inside of their colleagues. Those lectures are never meant to tear their guys down, either. Rather, they are meant to lift them up. That love might come off as tough, but that is the type of love that breeds character growth when you really think about it.

We are talking about two natural-born leaders. If you have one of these guys on your roster, you have already taken the first step toward taking home a title.

Anthony Davis | Pau Gasol

AD and Pau are not exactly the same type of player, but their ability to effect a game in many manners is almost telepathic. Some may find some of the other all-time great big men such as Shaq and Kareem to be more comparable to AD when it comes to sheer dominance. However, could those two behemoths not only dribble the ball up the floor but handle it like a point guard? Paul Gasol could.

Gasol might have never been the same shot-swatting specimen that AD is known for being, but his numbers still prove he was no push-over when it came to protecting the rim. Davis in his prime is better overall than Gasol in his prime, but prime Pau still has one more ring than present Davis. AD has plenty of time to close that gap, and should one day join the spectacular Spaniard in the NBA Hall of Fame.