The best Los Angeles Lakers gifts for fans this Christmas season

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It seems like Halloween just wrapped up – and the turkey isn’t even thawed yet – but there’s no time to wait. Those sleigh bells are about to start ringing and you’ve got Los Angeles Lakers fans in your life that need a great gift under the Christmas tree.

Don’t wait until the last snowflake falls to find that perfect gift. Instead, get your shopping taken care of early – then sit back and relax between Thanksgiving and Christmas morning.

We’re going to help you make each present a real slam dunk with our list of must-have gifts for Los Angeles Lakers fans.

Let’s get started.

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Retro Inspired T-Shirts By Homage

Kick it old school and turn back the clock with these vintage-inspired t-shirts. Pay Homage.

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Los Angeles Lakers Nike Replica Jerseys

Everyone needs a jersey or two. It’s perfect to wear to the arena, or to the couch. Let your friends show some love to their favorite players this Christmas.

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Los Angeles Lakers New Era Hats

You can’t support your team from head to toe without a fresh lid. There are multiple styles available – so there will be a look for every fan no matter what they like.

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Los Angeles Lakers Sweatshirts

Hey, look. It’s cold outside. Help someone stay nice and warm with a hoodie or pullover.

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Autographed Collectibles and Memorabilia

Go big or go home this Christmas with some autographed memorabilia that will be the perfect addition to anyone’s fan cave.

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Taylor Chip
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Taylor Chip: Delightfully Perfect Cookies

A tasty treat for the holidays? Who says no to that? Taylor Chip cookies are insanely delicious and can be served in a number of ways (from chilled in the fridge to piping hot out of the stove or microwave) – and they’re all tasty.

Taylor Chip provided me with a box to review earlier this fall. They were great. Chewy, dense and massive (each cookie is at least 5.5 ounces) – these cookies are big enough to share (but I never wanted to). In fact, the last ‘brookie’ almost caused a fight in my home.

You can select your own cookies, or go with one of their pre-selected options. You can’t go wrong (they have nearly 30 varieties), but my personal favorite was the sugar cookie.

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The Miracle Of St. Anthony By Adrian Wojnarowski

Woj spends a season with St. Anthony (New Jersey) High School coach Bob Hurley, who is facing perhaps is steepest challenge yet, 30 years into his coaching career.

Hurley wants nothing more than to see no more kids dying in Jersey City – and his basketball program has been a vehicle for kids to get out and break the cycle. But he’s inheriting an extremely troubled team.

Order at Amazon for $13.99.

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NBA 2K24

2K’s award-winning basketball sim is back and better than ever in 2023. Smooth gameplay, a comprehensive ‘franchise’ mode which allows users to start as far back as the Bird-Magic era, and the return of MyTeam makes for a great experience.

Available on all current and previous generation consoles.

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QDragon Mini Basketball Hoop

This features a steel breakaway rim, making it perfect for those in-house dunk contests. Plus it has an electronic scoreboard with a countdown timer.

Kids are going to love something like this. Reviewed at 4.5 stars with more than 700 reviews.

Order at Amazon for $39.99.

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Wilson Authentic Indoor-Outdoor Basketball

The grind never stops. Whether you’ve got hoopers that play outside or in the gym, they need a high-quality ball. So get them the best on the market.

Order at Amazon for $64.99.

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