The 10 Greatest Lakers in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

These players possess the highest Player Efficiency Ratings in Lakers franchise history.
Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles Lakers
Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles Lakers / Vince Bucci/GettyImages
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8. Kobe Bryant - 22.9

One of the most beloved Lakers ever, Kobe Bryant put together one of the most impressive careers in league history and is widely considered the greatest Laker of all-time. Beginning his career playing off the bench, Bryant's legendary work ethic helped propel him to becoming a starter and perennial All-NBA player.

Winning three straight championships between 2000 and 2002, Kobe was one-half of an elite two-way punch next to Shaquille O'Neal. The duo dominated the league and lost just one playoff game in their run to the 2001 championship. But Shaq's play was so dominant, some suggested the Lakers could have won those titles even without Bryant.

Once Shaq left town, Kobe set out on a mission to prove the doubters wrong, and he did, winning back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010. By the end of his 20-year career, Bryant had earned 15 All-NBA and 18 All-Star selections, which rank second and third in league history respectively.

Interestingly enough, Kobe was never known as the most efficient shooter in the game. He did not always shoot a high percentage, but he could always be relied on to take and make the most difficult and most clutch shots. As a result, his high PER is largely a product of how many other ways he was able to affect the game and contribute to winning basketball.