3 all-stars from 2024 that may soon join the Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers had two all-stars in 2024 as LeBron James and Anthony Davis have both turned in great (and healthy) seasons. Despite these two all-stars, though, the team does not currnently find itself in a playoff position in the Western Conference.

There are no big moves the Lakers can make now to improve the roster, so the team has to buckle down and put together a run like it did last season if it wants any chance of competing for a championship.

But even if that does not work, the cycle of the NBA continues and the Lakers will look to bring in the next superstar that can either help LeBron and AD win a title, or even be a potential LeBron replacement if he leaves.

Thankfully, the Lakers have more superstar pull than any other franchise in the sport and there are several all-stars from 2024's squad that could come to LA in the not-so-distant future.

2024 all-stars that could soon be Lakers:

Jayson Tatum

Let's start with the pipe dream, shall we? Of the players on this list, Jayson Tatum donning the purple and gold might be the most unlikely and it would be the furthest down the line. The betting favorite is for Tatum to stay in Boston and make the absolute most he can as a max contract guy, but if there is any star that could leave for the Lakers in free agency, it is Tatum.

Tatum is a self-proclaimed Lakers fan who idolized Kobe Bryant, so much so that he posed for a photo shoot in the purple and gold for the NBA 75 celebration. Just because he is a fan doesn't mean he will definitely join the Lakers, but there are other warning signs.

The Boston Celtics are all-in on winning a title in the next two years with this core and thanks to the new NBA luxury tax apron rules, this is not a self-sustaining model that can last for a long time. Tatum can become a free agent after the 2024-25 season with his player option and by then, the Celtics' chances of building out a contending roster around Tatum and Jaylen Brown might be slim.

The Lakers would have a similar problem with Tatum and Anthony Davis but at least Tatum would be getting a better teammate in Davis. The Lakers would have the salary-cap space to make it happen (unless LeBron signs a new deal this offseason) and have the fan-favorite dynamic to bank on.

Again, it is less likely than the other two players on this list (who would be traded for) but it is still possible.