3 all-stars from 2024 that may soon join the Lakers

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Donovan Mitchell

The other 2024 all-star that has been tied to the Lakers in summer trade rumors if Donovan Mitchell. There were some inklings that Mitchell would be traded at the deadline this season but the Cleveland Cavaliers got hot and ultimately decided to keep him in town.

If Cleveland makes a deeper run to the NBA Playoffs this year then the team very well could look to keep Mitchell in town. However, as an expiring contract (player option after the 2024-25 season), Mitchell can demand a trade and pretty much get whatever he wants over the summer.

If both Mitchell and Young are on the trade market and can be had for the package of three first-round picks then the Lakers would be foolish to pick Young. There is some risk in adding Mitchell, who could leave after one season, but the Lakers could actually win a title with Mitchell, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. That isn't likely with Young, despite his big name.

The one thing the LeBron Lakers have always lacked is that scoring guard who could take over games when needed. AD turned into a scoring big man who took over games in 2020, but all of the best LeBron teams had a guard who could create his own shots in the biggest spots.

Mitchell would add that. The scoring presence of Mitchell alone would open up so many things offensively for the Lakers. And on the defensive end, we would likely see Mitchell playing toward his ceiling knowing that he has Davis behind him as a safety net.

Could it come back to bite? Absolutely. This is a lot to give up (especially considering Austin Reaves would have to be in the trade). But if the Lakers are trying to make a home-run swing to win the title, this is the move.

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