3 Lakers that failed to meet expectations this season

These three players failed to meet the expectations set for them this season.
Cam Reddish, Los Angeles Lakers
Cam Reddish, Los Angeles Lakers / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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Cam Reddish

One of the most interesting individuals on the Lakers' roster is Cam Reddish. Signing with the Lakers last summer on a two-year deal, many thought Reddish would be a solid option to improve LA's depth at wing, given his exceptional two-way potential.

But unfortunately, "potential" has been the defining word of Cam's career. No matter where he has gone, the conversations have revolved around what he could do if he had more opportunity, or how much better he could be making his team if his coach would just get him off the bench and into the game.

There has not been much lack of opportunity for Reddish this season with him seeing over 20 minutes a night, including 26 starts in 46 games played. While he has been far from awful, it is fair to say Reddish has still fallen short of putting out the kind of impact many anticipated he would in his first year with the team.

Scoring 11.0 points per game with the Portland Trail Blazers last season, it was thought that Cam could provide the same type of scoring boost in LA. But he has been putting up exactly half that at just 5.5 points on 39% shooting, leaving a scoring hole in the Lakers' roster.