3 Lakers from last season who LA desperately miss right now

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2. Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder had multiple stints with the Lakers. He was first acquired in 2020-21 and played well enough to land an $84 million contract extension, which he foolishly declined.

Schroder proved capable of being in the starting lineup and/or being a reserve and was one of the better facilitators alongside LeBron James. Schroder returned to the Lake Show as a starter last season, averaging 12.6 points and 4.5 assists, albeit on not-so-great efficiency (41.5 percent from the field, 32.9 percent from three, 54.5 percent true shooting).

Schroder signed with the Toronto Raptors this season, as they were forced to pivot when Fred VanVleet signed with the Houston Rockets. The 30-year-old was playing some of his best basketball of his career with the Raptors, averaging 13.7 points, 6.1 assists, 2.7 rebounds, 44.2 percent from the field, 35 percent from deep, and 85.2 percent from the foul line.

However, he became expendable when the Raptors landed Immanuel Quickley in the OG Anunoby deal, as he got relegated to the bench. Shortly afterwards, he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, where he remains a buyout possibility. 

In this case, the Lakers could actually reel him in again, providing them with another playmaker and plus defender on the perimeter. Which they've desperately missed and needed.