3 Low-cost trade targets Los Angeles Lakers would benefit from acquiring

The Los Angeles Lakers are in the midst of an uneventful period of free agency. What trades might still be available to the Lakers for an affordable cost?
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Brook Lopez, Milwaukee Bucks

There's reason to question whether, "Low-cost," is actually an appropriate distinction here. According to Milwaukee Bucks insider Gery Woelfel, the asking price to acquire Brook Lopez is a first-round draft pick. It would also cost the salary to match his $23 million deal.

If the Los Angeles Lakers remain patient, however, they could potentially acquire Lopez for a second-rounder if the Bucks realize how limited the market is at their current asking price.

Lopez, 36, has an expiring contract worth $23 million. That's an attainable figure for the Lakers, albeit while requiring general manager Rob Pelinka to decide just how much he's willing to pay for an ideal fit who will become a free agent as soon as 2025.

Hypothetically, the Lakers could part with Jarred Vanderbilt, Gabe Vincent, and a first-round draft pick, as well as a player signed to a minimum salary to close the financial gap.

Losing a first-round draft pick would hurt, but Lopez is a sharpshooting big who thrives as a rim protector. Furthermore, the Lakers are reportedly interested in honoring the well-documented request made by Anthony Davis to play more power forward.

This one is a bit tricker than the others, but compared to the asking price for the bigger names on the trade market, this would still cost Los Angeles an affordable amount.