3 Upside comparisons for Max Christie after re-signing with Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have re-signed Max Christie to a four-year, $32 million contract. It's a clear investment in Christie's upside—but what does that mean?
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Realistic Upside Comparison: Nickeil Alexander-Walker

When Nickeil Alexander-Walker entered the NBA, most had him pegged as a crafty scorer who could occupy the sixth-man role. He continues to be a high-level reserve, but the method in which he's acquired his success has changed dramatically.

Alexander-Walker has since become a true 3-and-D player, showcasing the willingness and ability to defend multiple positions while shooting efficiently.

It's fair to look at Alexander-Walker as a realistic upside comparison for Max Christie for that exact reason. Christie is a shifty player who can get downhill with his creativity, but it's fair to question if he'll be able to do so consistently in the NBA.

Instead, it can become a supplemental skill that supports his three-point shooting and defensive intensity, thus making him a well-rounded two-way player.

Christie could experience similar success with his physical attributes and skill set mirroring Alexander-Walker in an eery manner. They're the same height without shoes, have wingspans that are within one inch of each other, and compare favorably stylistically.

If the Lakers manage to get Christie to an Alexander-Walker level, then they'll have one of the top 3-and-D specialists in the NBA, with the added benefit of situational shot creation.