4 Fringe Lakers players who deserve to return next season

Several rostered players were not heavy in the rotation, but deserve to have another shot with the Lakers in 2024-25.
Harry Giles, Los Angeles Lakers
Harry Giles, Los Angeles Lakers / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Jalen Hood-Schifino

The Lakers' first-round selection from 2023, Jalen Hood-Schifino is another player who has not had nearly enough time on the hardwood to shine and prove his worth to this organization. The Lakers being in a position where they are rather limited in terms of being comfortable playing any rookies extended minutes certainly played into this.

Jalen appeared in just 21 games for LA in 2023-24, playing only 5.2 minutes per contest. With that kind of opportunity, it is no surprise that his counting stats were a little lacking in his first professional season. Some appear ready to give up on Hood-Schifino after just one year, but that would be rather foolish.

The young point guard has exceptional poise with the ball in his hands and is confident in his own shot-creation abilities as well. When he gets a more consistent role for the Lakers, there should be no doubt he will look much better and make it obvious why LA chose to take him with a mid-first round pick.

Giving up on Kobe Bryant after he airballed those shots in the playoffs in the late 90s would not have been smart either, would it? Similarly, JHS is a player the Lakers should 100% still be looking at as a top prospect for their point guard of the future.