4 Lakers who could be dangled in trades this offseason

Several Lakers players could be used in a package to get a trade done this summer.
Austin Reaves, Los Angeles Lakers
Austin Reaves, Los Angeles Lakers / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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We are in the midst of perhaps the most uncertain offseason for the Los Angeles Lakers in the LeBron James era. After a second consecutive year of getting their playoff dreams ended by the Denver Nuggets, the Lakers will be anxiously awaiting LeBron's decision of whether he will be staying in Los Angeles or heading elsewhere.

But no matter if he leaves or stays, LA's front office will be working on improving this team in one way or another. If number 23 remains in town, the focus will be on either getting a third star to pair with he and Anthony Davis or acquiring more fitting role players that can enhance the team's other two focal points.

If the Lakers decide to go all-in on a third star, they will of course need to put together a rather large trade package. As we look ahead to LA's potential dealings, there are several Lakers that stand out as players likely to be dangled in front of other teams in trades.

1. Jalen Hood-Schifino

Among the most likely to be in this category is the 2023 first-round selection, Jalen Hood-Schifino. After a rookie campaign where he did not see the floor much, there is still plenty of untapped potential to be explored with JHS.

With the Lakers being in total win-now mode and not really having the luxury of being able to wait around to see how a rookie develops, they could always offer up Jalen in a trade package. No, he did not make himself an extremely coveted asset with his play this year, but he could still have plenty of value to other teams across the league.

Any team that needs a point guard for the future and is willing to take a small gamble would likely have plenty of interest in Hood-Schifino. He could absolutely be the young player needed to get several deals that the Lakers are seeking out done.