4 Lakers who definitely won't be back next season

These players are near locks to not be back in LA this fall.
Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans - Play-In Tournament
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3. Max Christie

One of the reasons first-round picks have always been so valuable in the NBA is that second-round picks are so much more difficult to find legitimate talent with. So it is not all that surprising that the Lakers' 35th-overall selection from the 2022 draft, Max Christie, has yet to pan out.

Looking for a three-and-D prospect that could one day become a rotation player, LA picked the freshman out of Michigan State due to his elite feel for the game and intangibles. Nothing about him screamed physically imposing or lightning quick/athletic, but he very much looked and felt like a guy that could make a living in the NBA in the right situation.

There is still time for Max to get there, but his progress has not necessarily picked up as quickly as the Lakers would have liked. His confidence seems to have fluctuated, and his decision-making is still so-so. Nothing about his per-game stats really jumps off the page, and his second season was relatively similar to his first.

Christie's rookie contract with LA was for two years and worth $2.7 million. With the Lakers needing to focus nearly all of their payroll toward winning now while their title window is still theoretically open, it is very likely they let Max find a new home this summer.